Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

The Comedic Stylings of Donald J. Trump

One of the remarkable aspects of Trump’s rhetorical style is that he thinks he’s funny. What explains Trump’s attempt at humor?

But really, why should you believe in elections?

When elections are administered fairly, we agree to accept their outcomes out of a sense of faith, determination, and social contract.

Will 2020 be a “wave” election?

Predictive models indicate that Democrats will do well in November -- but that doesn’t mean an election “wave” is coming.

In 2020, the Ground Game is All Trump

Democrats usually have more field offices than Republicans. That's been completely reversed in 2020, thanks to Covid.

The Impact of the 19th Amendment

Women's suffrage wasn't everything its detractors warned or its proponents promised, but it has had profound effects on the past century.

The Party Abides

The Republican Party concedes that reelecting Trump is not just its chief goal, but its only goal