Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

A dark day

The violent attack on the U.S. Congress put a glaring spotlight on two disturbing features of contemporary American politics.

The Origins of the 1887 Election Count Act

The 1877 filibuster of the electoral vote count exposed a flaw in the presidential election process. The Electoral Count Act was the result.

The year everything changed, and nothing did

In 2020, the year in review genre feels especially challenging and fraught, with high stakes for being either too depressing or too glib....

They're in power. They *are* power.

The "V" miniseries reminded us of those who are happy to help authoritarians seize and remain in power.

When ideology trumps democracy

Reelection concerns motivated many House Republicans to support the anti-democratic Texas lawsuit -- but ideology did too.

Trump Will Still Lead the GOP

Do not expect Trump's influence over the GOP to wane once he's out of office.

Anti-democratic 💩 happens. Is it a coup? *

In which the author ponders a better vocabulary to describe authoritarian power grabs. Amy Erica Smith A funny thing keeps happening. It...

Who will lead the House Democratic Party?

A lowdown on upcoming races for leadership posts in the U.S. House -- and why the speakership isn’t among them.

The Party of Self-Doubt

The winning party constructs narratives for a loss.