Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

Trump Will Still Lead the GOP

Do not expect Trump's influence over the GOP to wane once he's out of office.

Anti-democratic 💩 happens. Is it a coup? *

In which the author ponders a better vocabulary to describe authoritarian power grabs. Amy Erica Smith A funny thing keeps happening. It...

Who will lead the House Democratic Party?

A lowdown on upcoming races for leadership posts in the U.S. House -- and why the speakership isn’t among them.

The Party of Self-Doubt

The winning party constructs narratives for a loss.

The View "on the Ground"

Stories of what's happening "on the ground" are very useful at telling us what we want to hear.

The Comedic Stylings of Donald J. Trump

One of the remarkable aspects of Trump’s rhetorical style is that he thinks he’s funny. What explains Trump’s attempt at humor?

But really, why should you believe in elections?

When elections are administered fairly, we agree to accept their outcomes out of a sense of faith, determination, and social contract.