Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

In Defense of (Good) Photo Ops

A good photo op has important symbolic value and can be empowering. Trump's Bible stunt was pretty much the opposite.

When D.C. Becomes a Political Prop

Trump’s odd photo-op underscores how most politicians see the nation’s capital: as a cheap political prop.

Democracy is an individual trait

As unrest in America’s cities grows in response to overwhelming injustices, along with the devastating scourge of pandemic disease that...

The Trump presidency thrives on norms

The administration that run on a message of disruption, yet has unfailingly maintained power arrangements.

Are Parties Weak or Strong, Part II

Part II of whether the parties are weak or strong, with a look at the end of the 2020 nomination contest and Biden's strengths as a nominee.

Important lessons from the Wisconsin primary

By Charles Stewart, III The Greater Wisconsin Primary—votes on April 7, results on April 13—served as a petri dish to study what election...

Are Parties Weak or Strong, Part I

Julia Azari and Seth Masket argue over whether parties are strong or weak, focusing on Kamala Harris' withdrawal.