Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

Approval ratings and vote shares

Using approval ratings to predict vote shares finds that the odds are difficult for Trump's reelection, but not prohibitive.

When Trump’s coattails just weren't enough

In the recent KY-GOV race, Bevin only won among Trump supporters, while Beshear made inroads among various parts of the population.

A simple model of political engagement

In a chaotic, polarized, upsetting political environment, add value to discourse by engaging as a consumer, observer, and producer.

What Tunisia’s Elections Mean for Women

Women's representation dropped dramatically following the last election. But it's not because Tunisians suddenly became more conservative.

Where GOP support for Trump is weakest

Two recent congressional resolutions suggest that certain Republicans are less than enthusiastic about the president.

Maybe It’s Easier to Be Green in 2019

Green parties, once scrappy and disorganized, are making major gains across Europe. Here's why it's happening, and why it matters.

Why Trump Wants A House Vote on Impeachment

If the GOP can keep the first vote mostly party-line, it fosters the impression that impeachment will fail in the Senate.