Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

When ideology trumps democracy

Reelection concerns motivated many House Republicans to support the anti-democratic Texas lawsuit -- but ideology did too.

Trump Will Still Lead the GOP

Do not expect Trump's influence over the GOP to wane once he's out of office.

Anti-democratic 💩 happens. Is it a coup? *

In which the author ponders a better vocabulary to describe authoritarian power grabs. Amy Erica Smith A funny thing keeps happening. It...

Who will lead the House Democratic Party?

A lowdown on upcoming races for leadership posts in the U.S. House -- and why the speakership isn’t among them.

The Party of Self-Doubt

The winning party constructs narratives for a loss.

The View "on the Ground"

Stories of what's happening "on the ground" are very useful at telling us what we want to hear.