Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

Where GOP support for Trump is weakest

Two recent congressional resolutions suggest that certain Republicans are less than enthusiastic about the president.

Maybe It’s Easier to Be Green in 2019

Green parties, once scrappy and disorganized, are making major gains across Europe. Here's why it's happening, and why it matters.

Why Trump Wants A House Vote on Impeachment

If the GOP can keep the first vote mostly party-line, it fosters the impression that impeachment will fail in the Senate.

President Pence's First and Worst Choice

President Mike Pence's first decision in office could easily cost him his job no matter which way he decided.

Why Impeachment is Starting Now, In One Chart

At this point, it should be clear that impeachment is a political process, not a legal one (Julia Azari has a good explainer on that...

AOC and the Power of Party Norms

An example of how social norms cement party discipline in Congress.

The Ideology of Xenophobia in South Africa

This is a guest post by Carolyn Holmes. Building border fences. Restricting immigration. Scapegoating migrants. These are the well-worn...

A presidency-centered party is a weak party.

With Mark Sanford declaring his candidacy against Trump over the weekend, there are now three Republicans who intend to compete with the...

When a party cancels its primaries

Four state GOPs are canceling their presidential primaries. Here's why that's dangerous, and why they're doing it anyway.

No way to run a party

Why Boris Johnson's own aggressive moves may have led to him losing his very first vote as Prime Minister.