Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

The Misconceptions that Guide Congress

The ongoing debate over the passage of transportation and budget bills underscore how lawmakers act on behalf of misleading assumptions.

Ending the Primary?

Colorado Republicans may vote this weekend to abandon their primary and pick nominees by convention. Here's why and what it would mean.

The Recall We Were Warned About

In 2003, recall opponents warned that a new governor could win with just 15% of the vote. This year, that could actually happen.

The Limited Power of Trump’s Endorsements

The former president has begun endorsing favored Republicans in the 2022 elections, but evidence suggests that it may backfire.

The Two Republican Presidential Contests

The traditional presidential nomination contest has already begun. But Trump has yet to make a decision that could upend everything else.

Why Republicans are Ousting Liz Cheney

The House GOP has decided it can’t win without Trump’s voters and it can’t keep Trump’s voters if a party leader is condemning Trump.

California recall: Why this ain't 2003

Whatever it took for the GOP to win a California recall in 2003, they have none of that now.

It Takes (At Least) Two to Do Democracy

A third of state legislative contests regularly go uncontested, undermining one of the basic facets of democratic governance.