Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

Are Parties Weak or Strong, Part II

Part II of whether the parties are weak or strong, with a look at the end of the 2020 nomination contest and Biden's strengths as a nominee.

Important lessons from the Wisconsin primary

By Charles Stewart, III The Greater Wisconsin Primary—votes on April 7, results on April 13—served as a petri dish to study what election...

Are Parties Weak or Strong, Part I

Julia Azari and Seth Masket argue over whether parties are strong or weak, focusing on Kamala Harris' withdrawal.

What Pandemic teaches us about a pandemic

The board game Pandemic offers useful lessons for how political leaders should have—and too often have not—dealt with the coronavirus.

The Carolina Comeback in Light of 2016

The Dems did in three days what the GOP failed to do in all of 2015 and 2016: coordinate on a candidate.

Is the Party Deciding?

After Joe Biden won the South Carolina primary, a lot of power players in the Democratic Party have come to his aid. Rivals Pete...

South Carolina is the new Iowa

The dramatic shift in the primary that happened yesterday on Super Tuesday began on Saturday in South Carolina. One way to read that...

What happened in Vegas

This year, I'm taking Georgetown students on a tour of early state nomination contests. In Nevada, we visited the first-in-the-west...