Reflections on Parties and Their Place in Politics

The Two Republican Presidential Contests

The traditional presidential nomination contest has already begun. But Trump has yet to make a decision that could upend everything else.

Why Republicans are Ousting Liz Cheney

The House GOP has decided it can’t win without Trump’s voters and it can’t keep Trump’s voters if a party leader is condemning Trump.

It Takes (At Least) Two to Do Democracy

A third of state legislative contests regularly go uncontested, undermining one of the basic facets of democratic governance.

The faculty lounge discourse* is a red herring

Academics are mad at James Carville for dismissing what he calls "faculty lounge" politics in his Vox interview with Sean Illing. His...

Mayor of Crazytown

John Boehner’s new memoir underscores the challenges of governing in today’s Congress.

What Makes a Good Nominee?

Mondale got annihilated in his run against Reagan; does that mean he was a bad nominee?

Letters to a Publicly Engaged Academic

If you're a publicly engaged scholar, there are critics who want to silence you. Here's how to keep them from winning.

To delay or not to delay?

House Republicans wrestle with an age-old dilemma: cooperation versus confrontation.